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Click the link below to view our presentation at the JavaOne** Conference in San Francisco, June 10-13 2003

Massive Scale Deployments (PowerPoint)
Presented at JavaOne2003 SF BOF-1870 (HTML Version)

Presentation Summary:

When dealing with an application that has hundreds of EJBTM and JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) specifications, thousands of screens, and dozens of servlets, the effect of normally trivial mistakes in design or architecture become magnified. Many shortcuts and hacks commonly used to speed development will actually slow production and deployment. Other techniques, which are normally only rarely used, can speed up development, testing and deployment. In this session, we examine a specific massive scale application as a case study. At the time of writing, the application had 12 EJB technology jars containing a total of 90 EJB specifications, about 75 JavaTM Servlet APIs, 118 JSP specifications, and a number of html pages.

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