- Craig's Notes to J2EE Guys -

Craig's Notes

You may also want to view the new and updated slides that I used at the Rocky Mountain Software Symposium in Denver during May. It's a lot of the same slides, but I took out the code examples and demonstrated the code live instead of on the slides.

Also, there's the "Spring Pizza" demo. It's a Spring-based application that demonstrates much of what I talk about in my newest rendition of the Spring talk. You can download it from the same URL. A few caveats about this demo:

  1. It was designed in such a way as to demonstrate Spring features...not necessarily how I'd do it in a real world app.
  2. I use Maven to do the build. The good news is that if you use Maven to build it, you won't need to download anything else because Maven will download the dependencies for you. Also, this app is a good example of using Maven, XDoclet, and Hibernate.
  3. I am using Hypersonic DB to make it easier to carry around. The pizza database is also downloadable from the URL above. If you want to change it to another DB, you'll need to