Stephen Davidson & Associates, Inc.

Java Application Design & Development
J2EE Design & Development
Java Mentoring

Do you have an idea for a new application? Using Java, we write it once, and it will run on any platform making enhancements and maintenance a snap.

Standalone Platform Independent Java Application Development - Do you want one code base for all the platforms you support? Call us, and we will help you port your existing codebase to Java.

Systems Integration - We can integrate your Legacy systems and applications with modern Java and Web/J2EE WebBased Applications.

Systems Design - Have you been told by your IT or by Vendors that something is either impossible, expensive, and/or will take a long time to develop? Tired of budget overruns? With some of the best talent on the planet, we avoid costly mistakes. And with regular status reports, you can track development, and reprioritize as needed to meet deadlines.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure their total satisfaction.

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